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Atheist Quotes - iOS
Atheist Quotes from some of the top minds in the country including America’s Founding Fathers, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Galileo, Sam Harris, etc…This app is designed to help promote free thinking and help people get over the religious mindset that has plagued the world for thousands of years.
Over 2000 quotes in the app, share them via Facebook, twitter, or Email right from the app!
          Atheist Quotes
Atheims - iOSAtheism is a strong growing way of thinking. Most people think it is a religion when Atheism is far from being a religion.Atheism definition is “A” without “Theism” a knowledge of god.This app is designed for anybody who likes thinking, wants to know more about Atheism or just wants quotes that may help you get you through your day.

This app has
-over 2000 Atheist/Free thinking quotes
-Email, Facebook, or Twitter your favorite quotes!
-Atheism debating points, questions/answers, or rebuttals to common Arguments against atheism.

Evolution - iOS
This app is all about Biological Evolution. It was developed to help people understand evolution better and to help people teach others about Evolution.Evolution is the reason we, humans, are here today. Without evolution, we would not exist.This app has a lot of great, researched, information on Evolution.
-Evolution definition
-Natural Selection definition and information
-The different between a theory and a law
-Why is evolution only a theory?
-Fossil records and how they support Evolution
-and much, much more!
          Evolution Debater