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November 5, 2012

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October 31, 2012

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October 30, 2012

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October 28, 2012

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Taboo of religion.

July 13, 2011

The Taboo of Religion

I was recently in a discussion with a few friends and a few family members about faith, religion, god and so on. One of my Aunts kept getting emotional and saying how it is ridiculous to discuss such things, because all we do is offend each other and call each other names. The problem is, nobody had called names and nobody was trying to be offensive. We were having an open discussion on why some of us didn’t believe and why we thought others did believe, some of them would make a good point as to why they believed or why they thought our points were ridiculous.

I don’t understand why religion can’t be discussed. What is the big deal about it? Why is it immediately frowned upon to discuss god and discuss why you think he might not exist. Most people I encounter are not capable of having a friendly discussion about God, unless it is in favor of their opinion and their opinion only. My Mormon friend told me I was close minded, even though he refuses to look at any evidence that might prove his point wrong. I grew up Mormon (LDS), I spent 23 years in that religion before I started doing some outside research and finally came to be an Atheist. My friend has blocked my posts on all social network sites and refuses to discuss religion with me. Again, I don’t understand why people have such a troublesome time trying to defend their position. If you love god and you love your religion, why will you not prove it? Calling me a “Close minded ass hole” or telling me that “the devil has a hold of me” doesn’t help you or prove that your god exists or that your religion is true. It does prove that you are intellectually incapable of carrying on a discussion about things beyond your favorite celebrity couple or your favorite social network. I told my Aunt “We can have discussions about what movies we like or dislike without getting emotional, upset or defensive? Why can’t the same be said about religion, god and faith?”  This question is still unanswered.  Religion/belief in god is just something you do or don’t do, Why does it make people so damn crazy?

Sam Harris says it the best in his book “End of Faith”,

“Rather than bring the full force of our creativity and rationality to bear on the problems of ethics, social cohesion, and even spiritual experience, moderates merely ask that we relax our standards of adherence to ancient superstitions and taboos, while otherwise maintaining a belief system that was passed down to us from men and women whose lives were simply ravaged by their basic ignorance about the world. In what other sphere of life is such subservience to tradition acceptable? Medicine? Engineering? Not even politics suffers the anachronism that still dominates our thinking about ethical values and spiritual experience.

Imagine that we could revive a well-educated Christian of the fourteenth century. The man would prove to be a total ignoramus, except on matters of faith. His beliefs about geography, astronomy, and medicine would embarrass even a child, but he would know more or less everything there is to know about God. Though he would be considered a fool to think that the earth is the center of the cosmos, or that trepanning* constitutes a wise medical intervention, his religious ideas would still be beyond reproach. There are two explanations for this: either we perfected our religious understanding of the world a millennium ago—while our knowledge on all other fronts was still hopelessly inchoate—or religion, being the mere maintenance of dogma, is one area of discourse that does not admit of progress. We will see that there is much to recommend the latter view.”

If someone comes up to you and says “Evolution is incompatible with the bible and that means the bible is false”, you should do your best to understand his point of view and defend yours, rather than go crazy, curse or tell them they are going to burn in hell.
Also, you must bring proof to the table.  For the most part, Religious people have absolutely zero proof on their beliefs, which is maybe why they get so upset about people criticizing them.   I could tell you that I believed their was an invisible pony that lived under my bed and you would most likely call me crazy and delusional.   I could say that my life has no meaning if their is no pony under my bed and it is the only thing that keeps me going in life.  You would at least expect me to furnish some proof, or else you would still call me crazy.  Well, in my little world, I don’t need proof and if anybody begs to differ from my opinion, then I am being persecuted and they will pay the price, for the invisible pony doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t believe he lives under my bed.

My claim is pretty ridiculous, which is about the same as all religions and beliefs in the world.  Maybe this is why people don’t like discussing their religions and get so upset, deep down they know they have no solid ground to stand on and once somebody points that out, they go crazy because they’ve devoted their life to something that can only be proven through a book that has been proven to be written by man and has hundreds of mistakes and contradictions in it.

In closing, I will leave you with a good quote

“People who don’t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn’t have such funny beliefs.
– Brad Reddekopp” 

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